Now, who is this Jacques?

I think I possibly have to explain something to you.
My real name is Christoph Mannweiler.
Jacques Fou is my alias under which I present me and my artworks. The name is inspired by a simple play of words with the expression "Fuck you". The Fou in my alias is french, just like Jacques. Fou translates to "fool" or "fooling around". I considered that quite fitting for my artist´s personality. Life ain´t fun without some nonsense in it! 

He is not even a true Frenchman.

Right, I´m not from France, but born in Berlin. However, I lived in a town called Schwabach in Franconia, near the beautiful city of Nuremberg, for a long time, did my A levels there and studied communication design. By the way I am also not a 100% Berliner. One half of me is Swabian, also one grandfather is from Cologne and I have roots in the Netherland and Sicily. 
Furthermore I have been living in Stuttgart, Cologne and currently Hanover in Germany.
This may explain another passion of mine: imitating dialects. Some of them I nail, some of them I don´t so much. But: " 

A gscheids Fränggisch sollert scho drin sei. " (write me if you can translate that properly).
As you also may have noticed I like some puns to a decent amount. They are constantly appearing in my head everytime I hear or read something. What a pity I never wrote down all of them.

Into the third dimension.

Since it became clear that I would not be able to finish my communication design studies in Nuremberg where I came in contact with my passion of screen printing, I decided to make a long evolving wish a reality: to study product design. Working in 2D became - literally - too flat for me. Haha!
I wanted to do something more hands on and engage myself in things that are meant for the use by humans. To deal with human needs and the requirements they impose on these things. So I applied for product design studies at Hochschule Hannover in 2014 and fortunately was accepted. An exciting and educational time was about to start. My studies were enriched by many extracurricular courses, such as screen printing and bronze casting to name a few. The chance to pick up my passion of screen printing again here in Hanover was great and repeatedly led me back to working in 2D.
Over the course of my product design studies my focus shifted more and more from the aesthetical designing of objects to the user itself and the conception of products and services. My attidtude is that we should do and design things for other humans. Objects of daily use, processes or services should be as accessible and as intuitively comprehensible as possible for users. In contrast to artistic works their main feature or only quality should not be their aesthetics.

The pendulum oscillates.

After my Bachelor graduation in summer 2019 I decided to follow up with the Master Design & Media at my university. Here the focus is even more on Human Centered Design, Design Thinking, media theories and conceptional work on complex topics and problems.
And yet I again and again swing back from this field into graphic and artistic works that let me get back in balance, regain strenght for new tasks and overall make me incredibly happy and exhilarated. 
I´m mainly inspired and driven by music, movies, icons of pop culture, everyday observations, puns, humour and language.
More than ever before I´m swaying between these two worlds. Between the analytic-rational and sensual-aesthetic world, between frugality and opulence, between modesty and eccentricity, between clarity and playfulness.
I hope I could make the origin of this exciting journey a bit clearer and I invite you to accompany me for a good while if you like to.
Anyhow, I would be happy if you do so!

Sending you my love, Jacques!

Take a look at the results of my journey so far!